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Medical Exercise & Stretch Therapy in the Comox Valley

Craving a more active lifestyle? Working through physical rehabilitation? Striving to prevent injuries? Step into a world where exercise is more than just a class – it’s a fun way to improve and maintain activities of daily living.

At The Core Exercise Studio, we empower individuals with the knowledge and support needed to enhance and sustain movement. Let us help you feel more confident and capable in your day-to-day activities. As a functional fitness destination located in Comox, we’ve been dedicated to serving Valley residents seeking chronic pain management, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and more since 2010. Join us on a journey to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Weekly Core Fitness Classes

Weekly Core Classes

Classes run twice a week to create the consistency needed to see positive change.

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-One Personal Training

Advance your exercise program faster through personally tailored sessions.

Fredrick Stretch Therapy™

Fredrick Stretch Therapy

Feel stuck? Unable to relieve discomfort on your own? Experience the benefits of assisted-stretch techniques.

Postpartum Correct Exercise Specialist
Frederick Stretch Therapy - Certified
Medical Exercise Training Institute
Certified Nutrition Coach

Empowering every age ~ Fitness. Recovery. Renewal