45 Minute Sit Challenge

By coreadmin

45 Minute Max Sit-Challenge

Bringing awareness to how much we actually sit in a day! Sign-up for this challenge and you will be sent a 5 minute youtube video of a routine to do when you’ve been sitting for 45 minutes. The objective: is to bring awareness to how much we actually sit and it’s correlation to hip, back and even neck and shoulder pain.  

But, But, But a movie is 2 hours long???? Yes Yes it is, we are trying to avoid holding the same sitting position for longer than 45 minutes at a time. There is nothing wrong with getting up for a couple minutes and stretching out and sitting back down or moving your neck and shoulders around like shown in the video while still sitting.

But,But,But I have to sit all day at work? Great! I didn’t say you have to stand up for long. Even just standing up and doing a minute of one of the stretches from the video will make a difference. There are times when you may have a meeting that you actually can’t stand up in and that’s ok. Some of the stretches are done sitting and subtle and sometimes you might just be gaining awareness of how long you have been sitting. Bring realization if you are sitting straight or leaning to one side.

But, But, But I am driving to Nanaimo? Great, I have also shown some easy movements to do while sitting in the car that won’t jeopardize your driving. 

But, But, But I’m sitting in class or on the floor crosslegged? Great, use your discretion this challenge is meant to keep you moving and not holding the same position for an extended period of time. 

Challenge Rules: Simply pick a day the week of January 8th and try it for one day! Try to avoid sitting in the same position for longer than 45 minutes at a time.
Exceptions: sleeping obviously 🙂 

Once you have completed your day, whether you succeeded or not, I want you to let me know how you felt, what you learned, how your body responded or anything that you got out of this challenge. 

The challenge ends by 2 pm January 14th. If you completed the challenge, again doesn’t have to be successful just awareness is key, and sent me what you got out of it whether it is a few sentences, paragraph or even a short video of you doing some of the stretches you will be entered to win a 45 minute Massage from Touch of Balance! Winner will be drawn after 2 pm on January 14th! 

Let me know if you want to participate and I will send you the video! daris@corestudiostretch.com