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45 Minute Sit Challenge

45 Minute Max Sit-Challenge Bringing awareness to how much we actually sit in a day! Sign-up for this challenge and you will be sent a 5 minute youtube video of a routine to do when you’ve been sitting for 45 minutes. The objective: is to bring awareness to how much we actually sit and it’s …

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Gift Certificates for Christmas

Daytime and evening appointments available in the New Year: Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions available in Gift certificate form for your loved ones on Christmas! 5 sessions $315.00 Single sessions: $78.75 For more information email

Stretch To Win

We Bet You Didn’t Know: • 47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joints. • 42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia. • Isolated static muscle stretching doesn’t work. • Dynamic fascial stretching does work: o reduces tightness in muscles. o reduces stiffness in joints. o improves and enhances sex. o …

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Healthy Habits Challenge

Healthy Habits Challenge 2017 This challenge is to create Healthy Habits through exercise and Nutrition. In this challenge, you will journal starting May 1st every day for a month. This will bring more awareness to your habits good or bad and how your body reacts to certain external factors. You will journal what and when …

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Yoga Makes Me Smile!

Join Heather for Conscious Yoga during a 10-week yoga and meditation session! Choose the classes that resonate with you. Please bring your own mat (and any other props) for your practice! Pre-registration is required. If dropping in, please contact Heather first to ensure there is space! Contact Heather at journeysonthemat@gmail.comfor more information and to register! …

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Quadricep or Extensor Lag

Just because a lot of us are working through knee issues whether it be surgical, structural or chronic pain related, here is something that I came across and as a Medical Exercise Specialist wanted to share. We are always watching people’s movement patterns especially the way they walk. After any trauma to the knee area …

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The Core is now offering Yoga classes with Krista Overwater. I met Krista and knew she would be a great fit for the studio. She is passionate about teaching and she focuses on a very alignment based practice. She teaches a Hatha Flow practice that keeps you active but also deep stretches to gain that …

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Food Journals and Success

A food journal is simply a place to document everything you eat in a day. Scientific literature has established that keeping track of what you eat and drink is an effective tactic for making dietary changes. A recent article in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reported that study participants who kept …

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The Core has a new owner!

You may or may not have heard the news – as of October 28th, 2015 the studio will have a new owner.  Saskatchewan native Daris Tendler will be moving here in August and officially taking over as of November. Daris and I will be team teaching the first session of the Fall 2015 series.  This …

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