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Core Studio is pleased to offer a variety of medical-exercise-based classes. From perfecting posture and invigorating stretches to pre- and post-rehabilitation sessions, our carefully crafted offerings provide a transformative journey.

These small-group sessions effectively bridge the gap between physiotherapy visits and full-fledged fitness classes, providing expert guidance that goes beyond the norm. Tailoring to your needs, our instructors ensure exercises are performed precisely and safely while addressing individual requirements. Though each class has its own specific focus, they collectively cover a range of exercises that work on improving balance, core and muscular strength, as well as mobility. No matter the challenge level, our classes are intended to meet you where you are at, while prioritizing fundamental movements and addressing any imbalances along the way.

Each session spans two months to ensure safe progression between classes. Session cost varies between $250 – $300 (depending on holidays). As online booking isn’t available due to high demand, kindly reach out to us via our Contact Form.

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Foundations Beginner Fitness Class


A beginners’ class

55 min

Designed exclusively for newcomers to Core Studio, this beginner class sets the stage by establishing strong movement fundamentals. This class centres on the everyday movements needed to advance to higher levels. It is a full-body workout that emphasizes finding your core, balance, mobility and strength and lays the groundwork for even more transformation.
Cranky Hip & Knee Level class

Cranky Hip & Knee Level 1 & 2

Prehab/rehab exercises for the hips and the knees

55 min

Get relief for your hips and knees in our specially curated beginner to intermediate class. Immerse yourself in a series of prehab and rehab exercises tailored for these crucial joints. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or arthritis, awaiting or recovering from a replacement, this class caters to your individual needs.
Strength & Interval Training for Aging Class

Strength & Interval Training for Aging

All levels full body workout

55 min

A beginner to intermediate class designed for those seeking to cultivate strength and cardiovascular health while aging with poise and vitality. This class embodies the essential elements of other classes, emphasizing balance, core stability and mobility enhancement, and prioritizes full-body strength development.  
Core Class 2 - Intended for individuals with a solid fitness foundation

Core 2

Intended for individuals with a solid fitness foundation

55 min

Want to be challenged? This class is a comprehensive, demanding full-body workout. But don’t worry, it builds up to advanced movements. The focus is strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility and coordination, with modifications available to offset injuries. This class is for advanced exercisers or individuals with a strong fitness background.
Stretch class for mobility & functionality class


Stretch class for mobility & functionality

55 min

This mobility-stretch class is your entry to enhanced flexibility on all fronts – body, mind and spirit. Reclaim your functional mobility and empower yourself to tackle both physical and mental challenges with renewed confidence. Unlike exercises that focus on single muscles, our LifeStretch sessions engage complete neuromyofascial chains. Utilizing our unique StretchWave™ technique, your body gently moves in an undulating, oscillating rhythm. By harmonizing breath and movement, we ease through tissue constraints without force or discomfort. Regular class participation guarantees remarkable strides in mobility and functionality. Move like never before.
Posture fitness Class


Maintain an upright posture with strength and mobility

55 min

An intermediate class designed to work on the strength and mobility needed to maintain upright posture and take stress off joints and sore areas while putting everything into proper alignment. With a focus on fortifying the back muscles – essential in today’s forward-driven lifestyle – you’ll discover the power of breathing deeper, standing taller and feeling a little more free.
Total Body Reset Fitness Class

Total Body Reset

A total body tune-up

55 min

This class delves deep into the heart of imbalances. Tailored for those at the intermediate to advanced levels, this class will transform your approach to fitness by pinpointing and correcting imbalances. Focussing on complex movements, balance refinement and mobility enhancement, Total Body Reset is a gateway to unlocking your body’s potential.