Daris Forberg

Core Studio Owner – Daris Forberg, M.E.S. , F.S.T.

Daris, a passionate and knowledgeable movement practitioner hailing from Saskatchewan, found her calling in safe and effective movement. Her journey began at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, leading to her graduation from Clarkson University in Upstate New York.

Initially drawn to training athletes for enhanced performance, Daris’s path evolved. She recognized that enduring pain during exercise or avoiding specific movements due to discomfort wasn’t normal. This realization drove her to dig deeper and address the root causes rather than merely treating symptoms. Her firsthand experience with injuries, including sprained ankles, a broken wrist, AC Separation, shoulder surgery, and ACL Reconstruction, provides valuable insights for aiding others.

Daris Forberg - Studio Owner & medical Exercise Specialist
Daris Forberg - rugby
Daris Forberg - dog lover
Daris Forberg - avid hiker

Since graduating, Daris has committed herself to ongoing education in Medical Exercise and Fascial Stretch Therapy. She continuously expands her knowledge, sharing it in classes and one-on-one sessions. Daris has worked with diverse clients, from young athletes to individuals managing chronic pain. She emphasizes that while we can’t halt the aging process, consistency in exercise can slow it down. Although everyday wear and tear is unavoidable, our recovery is within our control. Daris firmly believes that “THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS” and has learned through her own recovery journey that hard work and dedication are key to achieving lasting results.

“When creating programs, it is my personal philosophy that there isn’t anything you can’t do.  The modifications may look different but the outcomes are the same. I really am grateful to be able to help individuals to stay happy, healthy and moving.” ~ Daris Forberg

In Daris’s programs, the philosophy is simple: “You have to put in the effort, embrace therapy, and begin with the fundamentals.” Her approach recognizes that success varies for each individual. Whether it’s building strength, achieving restful sleep without pain, enhancing mobility, recovering range of motion after an injury, addressing dysfunctional movement patterns, or reducing life-related stress, the journey begins with laying a solid foundation.

Fun Facts:

She has been discovering new ways of movement since graduation, gaining mentors from around the world that she has gotten the privilege to learn from. Movement isn’t just physical it is mental as well.

She completed a marathon
Loves to hike: “My favorites on Vancouver Island so far would have to be Cape Scott or Landslide lake.”
Studied FST in Toronto and Arizona with amazing teachers
Played Division 1 hockey on a full hockey scholarship
Has taught movement classes in Italy!
Has travelled to over 8 different countries
Still plays hockey and rugby


Even at a young age Daris compleed many educational milestones while committing herself to ongoing education.

Bachelor of Science
Medical Exercise Specialist, MES
Healthy Back Practitioner
Frederick Stretch Therapist (FST) – Level 3
Basic Asana Yoga Instructor
Postpartum Exercise Specialist