Healthy Back Program

The Healthy Back Program

A proactive solution for recurring low back pain. This 5-week program will strengthen & stretch for strains, discs, weakness, sciatica.

One in three people in North America suffer with back pain.  Next to the flu, it is the second highest cause of missed work days and physician visits.  Conventional methods of dealing with this issue are to visit your doctor and receive a prescription for anti-inflammatories or pain medication or regular visits to your chiropractor, massage therapist and physiotherapist.  These alternatives are important and have a place but often don’t  address the issue, simply the symptoms.  If you want results, you have to do the safe and effective work.

If you are looking for a pro-active and highly successful method of treating re-occurring low back pain, this program is unquestionably for you.  Over a 5 week period you will be instructed, in detail, how to develop a stretch and strengthening program which addresses the most common low back conditions including, but not limited to, strains, bulging discs, herniated discs, abdominal weakness, low back weakness and piriformis and sciatic issues.

We will slowly construct a 10 part stretch program and a 9 part strengthening program.  With each exercise, I will give modifications for conditions such as knee injuries, shoulder injuries and more.  You will learn one stretch and one exercise per segment.  This way you won’t get overwhelmed with information and it gives you time to practice before the next segment.  The stretch program will be done daily but the strengthening part of the program is designed to be done twice per week until it is completed and then 2-3x/week thereafter depending on your schedule and condition.

All you require is a swissball, although a mat and a stretch strap would be very useful as well. 

You will receive a manual complete with pictures of each stretch and exercise; all relevant cues; sets and reps or durations; and a record sheet for recording your workouts.  With this information, you can take your program anywhere and be sure not to forget any components of the program.

As a bonus you will learn 4 very important balance exercises which help improve proprioception, balance and coordination.