She is an amazing teacher/trainer

When enrolling at Core you discuss your needs with Daris and complete a questionnaire that helps her to understand which class is right for YOU. She remembers what each person can and cannot do and customizes movements accordingly. At the end of 2019, after a knee replacement, I joined the Cranky Hip/Knee class. Once I improved my mobility, I moved to the Building Strength class, which is currently a good fit for me. Even though I have been attending Core for more than four years, each class is different, with a large variation of stretches, exercises, and support gym equipment to add fun to the movements, such as mats, weights, balancing balls, straps, rollers, beams, chairs, etc. Attendees only need to show up with their own water bottles – as you do get thirsty. During classes, Daris is attentive to everyone in attendance and either assist each attendee to do the exercise correctly or demonstrates an alternative exercise that fits individual body shortcomings, needs, and strengths. She is an amazing teacher/trainer with a friendly personality who makes the hard workouts fun and helps us to understand the benefits of what we are doing. Core is a small boutique gym, where I feel welcome and wear clothes I can move in, without any need to impress with trendy outfits.