Now playing golf multiple times a week

3 years I suffered through intense leg pain due to an undiagnosed vertebrae fracture. Various forms of medical treatment only gave me temporary relief. Eventually it was determined that spinal fusion surgery would provide some relief for my leg pain. The spinal fusion corrected all the skeletal abnormalities but the muscular system had not adapted to the surgery. After a year of trying to get back to normal, the results were minimal. A friend of mine highly recommended The Core Exercise Studio and I touched base with Daris. I commenced a program of fascial stetching treatments to get more mobility. After 7 months of these treatments I was mobile enough and Daris suggested I take the Posture Class. As a result of these treatments my mobility and overall body strength has increased significantly. I am now playing better golf 4 times a week walking vice using a riding power cart. In fact, I recently scored a hole-in-one at a recent golf tournament. Without Daris’s knowledge, skill and encouragement, I would not be where I am physically today.