FST Patient & Class Testimonials


Highly recommended.

~ Alan

Third session with Daris Tendler working on pain management issues. Implemented a stretching program at the outset and am amazed at the progress so far. Great facility and so easy to work with her making adjustments as we go.

A knowledgeable and thoughtful instructor

~ Mariette

Loving this program. Energizing and refreshing. Daris is a knowledgeable and thoughtful instructor. The classes are small and the focus on form is super helpful.

Relief from ongoing bicep/rotator cuff injury

~ Loralie

Through a regular stretching program Daris has given me, I have relieved some Numbness and Tingling down my arm from an ongoing bicep/rotator cuff injury.

I the recommend the Healthy Back Program

~ Tammy

I would absolutely recommend the Healthy Back Program. Probably the best program I've taken for my back. Body awareness and mindfulness about stabilizing muscles and activating deeper muscles making sure . Daris was really knowledgeable, was able to provide alternatives, really positive and supportive.

Thank you

~ Lo

Thank you so much for putting such time and effort into helping each of us. This class is so much better than a generic one, which does not look after the needs of the individual client. Since you put so much into it, it makes me want to put a lot into it too. Thank you,

Highly recommend Daris

~ Bill

After my first session with Daris, I felt a big shift in my body, specifically my knee where I have had surgery and ongoing pain/stiffness for years, things started to release and feel more mobile from there. Every session helps more and you leave feeling limber and loose. Recommended others to see her and they've had good results as well. Highly recommend Daris, very knowledgeable.

I am so happy I found her

~ Brenda Murray

Suffering a frozen shoulder, I was recommended to Daris. The thorough questionnaire made me feel safe. My first appointment was such a positive experience. Having the fascia stretching greatly improved my pain after the first visit. Daris is so invested in helping you, from preparation of stretches to do at home, to explanations of what she is doing and how it will help. I have had various treatments of all kinds and finally I have improvements. It is not a week since starting my treatment and range of motion has greatly improved. Pain is tolerable. Daris loves what she does, very professional and caring. I am so happy I found her.

Effective in lessening my chronic pain

~ Sheron

I have been a client of Daris’ Facial Stretch Therapy for the better part of a year. I find this technique helps my body to relax. It’s effective in lessening my chronic pain and enables me to maintain my exercise and walking programs.

My back hasn’t hurt at all since I saw you

~ Aimee

It’s amazing what one session will make you feel like! My back hasn’t hurt at all since I saw you and I feel soo good!

Fascial Stretch Therapy will help your body run at its best.

~ Amber

I had my first Fascial Stretch Therapy session when I was experiencing low back pain. After having a few massage sessions that would help for a day or two, I knew I needed to try something else that would assist me more long-term. I think of Fascial Stretch Therapy as a lazy man’s yoga; Daris works to put my body into proper alignment. It’s better than yoga in that Daris is able to get a deeper stretch than I would be able to do for myself. After a couple of sessions, I could feel some major releases occurring on the table. One night, after a Fascial Sretch Therapy session with Daris, I had an amazing and restful night’s sleep with busy dreams on the theme of movement – a result of all the releases occurring in my body and how everything was now circulating and moving in a healthy way. Like putting fresh oil into a vehicle to ensure it keeps running well, Fascial Stretch Therapy will help your body run at its best.
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I feel better after FST

~ Bryan

I’m a big fan of the Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions you are providing. When I get back in my car after a session, I have to adjust the rear-view mirror because I’m clearly sitting taller than I was prior to the session. Seriously, I think you should have a tape measure attached to one of your door frames, to demonstrate how much taller your clients are after a session. Measure before and after the session, so people can actually see the difference! I could go on, speaking about how much better I feel following an FST session, but words just don’t do it justice!

Removes the stiffness in my muscles

~ Catherine

A session of FST removes the stiffness in my muscles, allowing me to do the long walks I enjoy so much. In addition, FST improves my range of motion, which allows me more flexibility at yoga. It's all good!
Mia Jerritt headshot

FST is an amazing tool

~ Mia Jerritt, Medical Exercise Therapist

Fascial Stretch Therapy is an application which combines the effects of stretching and mobilizing in a passive and gentle environment. As a long time Medical Exercise Therapist, I have experienced many modalities developed to address injuries, conditions and symptoms. FST is an amazing tool, especially at the hands of an experienced practitioner such as Daris. Her background in sport and yoga, plus her strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology, ensure each session is both safe and effective. I would highly recommend this modality for individuals seeking another option on their journey to wellness. PLUS, it feels amazing!

I am capable of doing many things I didn’t think I could do before.

~ Maureen Helland

I decided to do workouts with Daris again this year to try to strengthen my body, get rid of some extra weight and also get rid of pain that I was having on a daily basis. There was no rhyme or reason to this pain, it just seemed to hurt in a different place everyday. After the pre-session of bootcamp that a friend and I did with Daris, I knew that I needed to continue with it. I was already feeling stronger and better. I became addicted to going to each workout as each one was unique and fun. I became stronger and pain free as the spring and summer moved on. I was even able to run/jog and not have any pain. Other than being stiff after a workout, there was no pain like I had experienced before. I combined bootcamp with Daris' stretch therapy and was amazed at the change in my body. Basically pain free, definitely stronger, my clothes fit better and I even shed some weight. Daris is an amazing teacher and motivator. She makes sure you do things correctly so as not to injure yourself, but still manages to get you to the state of a "good burn" in your workout. I have learned many things from her and have found I am capable of doing many things I didn't think I could do before.

Daris Tendler is a stand out among all therapists

~  Cathie Santo, Registered Massage Therapist

I have been a registered massage therapist for 20+ years, and a yoga teacher for almost a decade. In that time, I have met many therapists in many areas. Daris Tendler is a stand out among all of them: she has amazing sensitivity of touch, the kind that is hard to find out side of practitioners with long experience. She also has a really heart felt drive and sense of purpose to help people, as well as a work ethic that is amazing. Her FST application is outstandingly effective without being in any way painful. While she was here we worked together to apply FST and massage therapy, and found that they are a terrific complement, in addition, FST can have similar effects to the practice of yoga. Anyone who works with Daris will be at the receiving end of intelligent, compassionate, and very therapeutic treatment.

After only 2 Fascia Stretch therapy sessions I am totally free of pain!

~ James Robinson

I have been in pain for many months after having hip surgery. It was referred pain through my thigh. After many visits to physio and repeated doctor appointments I was referred to Daris by a friend. After only 2 Fascia Stretch therapy sessions I am totally free of pain. I highly recommend anyone who has had hip or knee surgery to see Daris. It was my best decision.
Now playing golf multiple times a week

Now playing golf multiple times a week

~ Wendy Dowe

3 years I suffered through intense leg pain due to an undiagnosed vertebrae fracture. Various forms of medical treatment only gave me temporary relief. Eventually it was determined that spinal fusion surgery would provide some relief for my leg pain. The spinal fusion corrected all the skeletal abnormalities but the muscular system had not adapted to the surgery. After a year of trying to get back to normal, the results were minimal. A friend of mine highly recommended The Core Exercise Studio and I touched base with Daris. I commenced a program of fascial stetching treatments to get more mobility. After 7 months of these treatments I was mobile enough and Daris suggested I take the Posture Class. As a result of these treatments my mobility and overall body strength has increased significantly. I am now playing better golf 4 times a week walking vice using a riding power cart. In fact, I recently scored a hole-in-one at a recent golf tournament. Without Daris's knowledge, skill and encouragement, I would not be where I am physically today.  

I am so grateful to Daris and her amazing skill as a Fascial Stretch Therapist

~ Cheryl

Problems with a knee that, at times, left me limping and with limited mobility, led me down a path of physio and laser therapies that, disappointingly, made almost no lasting difference. Fortunately, I gave Fascial Stretch Therapy a try and discovered a treatment that has left me with lasting comfort and mobility. As other parts of my body compensated to support my knee, FST has also helped my alignment, taking pressure off other joints, too. As I head out for daily hikes, I feel like I have my life back again.

I was able to avoid serious injury

~ Kath

As I get older falls are a real concern as injuries can be serious and recovery can take longer. The other day I tripped on a curb, stumbled, and fell forward landing on my forearm. Amazingly my reflexes kicked in and I was able to protect myself with my arm which only suffered minor scratches. I know that my ability to react and recover came from the regular exercises I have been doing with Daris, and I’m so grateful that I was able to avoid serious injury because of these exercises.  

Daris is incredibly welcoming, fun and knowledgeable

~ Sylvia Dakin

I am an active 68 years old athlete who was sidelined for 4 years due to an arthritic hip and a long wait for a hip replacement. After the replacement, I did basic physio and then discovered Daris at The Core Studio. Her Hip and Knee class was exactly what I needed to get me back on track to gain strength and confidence so that I can dance, play Pickleball and Cross-Country Ski once again. I now participate in a number of classes at The Core and plan on continuing so that I stay strong and active. She treats every client with respect and meets them at their stage of fitness. Now that I have a 2-year-old grandson and can actually squat to pick him up, every time I do, I say with a smile on my face "thank you Daris"! I strongly recommend The Core Studio."  
Impressive, one of a kind

Impressive, one of a kind

~ Nancy

That’s how I describe Daris. Daris' classes are well thought out. She pays close attention to ensure that exercises are performed correctly so the correct muscle is activated. Her classes build one upon the other engaging different muscle groups and providing challenges that are within our individual capability. If you have physical challenges (neck, shoulder, knee, hip etc) Daris always provides alternatives. She’s an intelligent, educated women who wants the best for her students and they know it by the quality of her classes. Each class I walk away grateful and fully satisfied with the experience. -
I am so much stronger overall

I am so much stronger overall

~ Sharon Langhorn

I have been coming to Core Studio for a little over a year now and I am so grateful to my friend who referred me.  Because of Daris’ knowledge, expertise and under her watchful eye, my lower back issues have significantly improved and I am so much stronger overall.  There are always several variations for each exercise geared to each person’s individual issues and fitness level.  Classes are never boring as Daris will change it up with different exercises to keep it interesting.  And best of all, classes are fun!!
She is an amazing teacher/trainer

She is an amazing teacher/trainer

~ Ralda

When enrolling at Core you discuss your needs with Daris and complete a questionnaire that helps her to understand which class is right for YOU. She remembers what each person can and cannot do and customizes movements accordingly. At the end of 2019, after a knee replacement, I joined the Cranky Hip/Knee class. Once I improved my mobility, I moved to the Building Strength class, which is currently a good fit for me. Even though I have been attending Core for more than four years, each class is different, with a large variation of stretches, exercises, and support gym equipment to add fun to the movements, such as mats, weights, balancing balls, straps, rollers, beams, chairs, etc. Attendees only need to show up with their own water bottles – as you do get thirsty. During classes, Daris is attentive to everyone in attendance and either assist each attendee to do the exercise correctly or demonstrates an alternative exercise that fits individual body shortcomings, needs, and strengths. She is an amazing teacher/trainer with a friendly personality who makes the hard workouts fun and helps us to understand the benefits of what we are doing. Core is a small boutique gym, where I feel welcome and wear clothes I can move in, without any need to impress with trendy outfits.